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Any economy is based on trade and industrial activities. Each of them in their turn can be subdivided into various components. However, first of all, it is necessary to note a factor which is present both in trade and in production spheres making an essential impact on each of these spheres. And this factor is cargo transportation.

The importance of cargo delivery from the point of dispatch to the destination was understood as early as in the ancient times entrusting professionals who possessed everything necessary for its successful fulfillment with the fulfillment of this task. Nowadays both trade and production spheres differ greatly from what they used to be centuries ago. Nevertheless, the demand for cargo transportation specialists has not fallen but increased immensely.

The city of Novorossiysk which houses the largest port on the Black Sea Coast became an important binding knot in the modern transportation system as early as the beginning of the 20-th century. Every day sea vessels, trains and powerful trailers depart from this city carrying out the transportation of various cargoes: lengthy items, heavy weights, oversized, general cargo and others.

Cargo transportation by sea, by railway or by road haulage is a task consisting of several points. The most important ones include cargo declaring, cargo loading, cargo transshipment and cargo forwarding. They also include the search of a vehicle, chartering vessels and others. Solving these problems themselves cargo owners risk spending a lot of time, that can inflict additional losses caused by demurrage. Therefore, it is much more effective to entrust a professional capable of solving all problems quickly and efficiently with the fulfillment of all transportation tasks.

One of such professionals is “Delovoy Mir” Group which entered the market of transportation and port logistics in 2009. Since then, «Delovoy Mir» has been gaining more and more popularity showing its professionalism to each customer in practice. Experts of this group are capable of solving any problem concerning transportation and logistics issues.

Today businessmen, factories and plants use the services rendered by “Delovoy Mir” Transportation Group entrusting them with the delivery of cargoes in different parts of the globe.

“Delovoy Mir”, an expert in the sphere of cargo transportation and logistics, offers a fruitful, mutually beneficial and reliable cooperation.

Our principles

By trusting us, the customer can be assured of the cargo safety and timely fulfillment of obligations.
The work performed by our specialists is not required to be altered or rechecked.
Long-term cooperation
We always work for the result, because we are interested in every our customer to become regular.
We observe the generally accepted world standards of social responsibility for business.