Rail transport

In the cases where, for example:

  1. the port of departure and port of destination are located distantly from each other and one or even both are landlocked,
  2. volumes are large and a big number of trailers or several vessels are required for transportation,
  3. specific means of transport are required for the particular cargo transportation; automobile and vessels are very expensive or technically impossible to be used, therefore rail transportation is suitable for any types of cargo to be transported for a long distance and in short time regardless of the volumes.

Trains are ideal for the transportation of bulk, piece, container or liquid cargoes including petrochemical products as the formation of large trains enables the transportation of hundreds of thousands tons of cargoes of any type at high speed.

DM provides a full set of services on rail transport, namely:

  • assignation of the rolling stock for customer loading;
  • layout design of securing supplies and the coordination of these layouts with the relevant authorities (including layout for bulk goods);
  • sealing and labeling of goods;
  • transportation of goods by automobile transport to the station;
  • assistance in loading at the station (loaders, crane, raised entry lines);
  • fastening of load in cars, low-sided cars, on the platform;
  • cargo protection while transporting (assignation of the car with conductors);
  • payments applied to the CIS, neighboring to the Russian Federation, countries;

DM deals with all types and volumes of cargoes and is in position to deliver cargoes to its destination on time, thus saving customers time and money.

Cargo transportation is a key element for the implementation of trade and industrial activities, which in an economy, among other things, is dependent; such activities are in turn subdivided into various segments.

The city of Novorossiysk represents the largest port on the Black Sea Coast where on a daily basis sea vessels, trains and powerful trailers depart by carrying out the transportation of various cargo forms such as lengthy items, heavy weights, oversized, general cargo and others.

Cargo transportation by sea, by railway or by road haulage are activities consisting of several tasks. The most important ones include cargo declaration, cargo loading, cargo transshipment and cargo forwarding. They also include the search for a vehicle, chartering vessels and others. It is much more effective for a cargo owner to entrust the above tasks to professionals who are in position to quickly and efficiently fulfill the above transportation tasks rather than inflicting any losses due to demurrage.