Handling of oversized cargo

Manufacturers as well as trading companies require at times to transship bulk goods. As bulk products must be transshipped without being dismantled, cargo with non-standard dimensions instigate difficulties. Non-standard dimensions of cargo require a relevant sea or land way of transshipment. One of the major tasks apart from a few minor ones is to find the appropriate transport for such nonstandard dimensions, which requires extra effort and bespoke competence to be able to guarantee that cargo is delivered safely and timely.

DM provides the following range of services for transshipping bulk cargoes:

  • Tracking of a reliable and suitable mode of transportation;
  • Cargo loading and securing fastening of cargo;
  • Timely submission of documentation;
  • Monitoring of cargo location;
  • Control of cargo condition;
  • Forwarding bulk cargoes;

Dealing with customs and other accompanying issues.

DM shall monitor all cargo operations, from loading cargoes on the chosen mode of transportation to their arrival at the final destination as well as monitoring the location of the cargo and its condition throughout the whole transportation process.